Catalogador 2014 8.0.230

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  • Licencia: Shareware
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Possibly the best CD cataloguer and administrator available at the moment.

Catalogador is actually one of the best tools for cataloguing and ordering data that you can find. Its simple design, with no complications and without the need for database knowledge, lets you take an inventory of books, videogames, music, movies ... up to 17 different categories. Each of them is personalized with at least six different fields, in which you can put complete information for each element.

Catalogador also includes the tools necessary to be able to access, show, look for, group and filter the information so that you can specify what is shown by choosing elements. There are two tools that automate the insertion of compressed songs in different formats and videos, Audio-o-Matic and Video-o-Matic.

Within the category of music discs you can find the CDDB option, which lets you consult via the Internet (on websites like Amazon, IMDB, Yahoo, CDDB or Culturalia) on the information of a music disc inserted into the CD/DVD tray. As if that wasn't enough, Catalogador is also totally free.


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